Difference Between Stream Cipher and Block Cipher

Difference Between Stream Cipher and Block Cipher in Tabular Form

Comparison Chart

In stream cipher keys and algorithms are applied to each binary digit in a tiara stream, one bit at a time, a rather dun mcrypting block of data.Block cipher is main method of encrypting text in which keys and algorithm are applied to block of data rather that individual bits like stream cipher.
Stream cipher is less time consuming.Block cipher is more time consuming.
Because of a bit encrypting at a time. stream cipher is faster than block cipher.As block of data is encrypting at a time block cipher is slower than stream cipher.
Stream Cipher doesn’t used in chaining modes of operation.Block Cipher used in chaining modes of operation.
Hardware implementation is easy using stream cipher.Software implementation is easy using block cipher.
One Time Pad is the best example of stream CipherData Encryption Standard (DES) is the best example of block cipher.
Requires less code.Requires more code.
Application: SSLApplication: Database,file encryption.

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